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How to Tighten Loose Skin After Major Weight Loss

If you’ve lost a lot of weight, congratulations on your remarkable journey! Shedding excess pounds is a significant accomplishment. But if you also have loose, hanging skin from your previous excess weight gain, it can prevent you from feeling like you can fully embrace your body. Here are some tried and true ways to achieve firm and toned skin after major weight loss.

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Understanding Your Options for Breast Reconstruction: A Guide for Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, and the journey to recovery involves making important decisions about breast reconstruction. At Dr. Mouchantat’s practice in Denver, we understand the significance of this choice and are here to guide you through the various options available. Here are the different breast reconstruction techniques that you may consider for your breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

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Breast Asymmetry: Causes and Solutions

Breast asymmetry is a lot more common than many people realize. Whether there’s a difference in breast size, lift, position, projection, or shape, any asymmetry can make women feel self-conscious (especially if it’s obvious!). Here we hope to shed some light on the causes of breast asymmetry and what can be done to correct it.

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CoolSculpting® 101: What Every First-Time Patient Needs to Know

Getting rid of stubborn fat can sometimes feel impossible. Fortunately, there is an effective fat removal treatment that doesn’t require any surgery! Known as CoolSculpting®, this non-invasive fat removal procedure can help you achieve a more sculpted physique in a safe, surgery-free way.

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Should I Get a Mommy Makeover?

Many new mothers whose bodies have undergone significant physical changes ask themselves, “Should I get a Mommy Makeover?” Countless women have chosen to undergo this transformative procedure, and that number is only increasing as time goes on. While it may not be the right choice for everyone, a Mommy Makeover can provide significant benefits for body shape, self-confidence, and self-image. Here are some of the things you should consider about when you’re wondering whether to get a Mommy Makeover.

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Enhance Facial Harmony by Combining Your Facelift with Other Procedures

While some patients may achieve their desired results with a single isolated procedure, sometimes it is better to combine multiple procedures together. For example, a facelift on its own can treat certain signs of aging, but combining a facelift with other procedures may provide even more optimal results. Here we’ll discuss some of the most complementary treatments for facelift surgery that can help you achieve a more harmonious and balanced outcome.

The following procedures can all work synergistically with a facelift: a brow lift, neck lift, eyelid surgery, BOTOX® Cosmetic, and dermal fillers.

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Who Should Not Get a Tummy Tuck?

Most people who are interested in tummy tuck surgery (also called abdominoplasty) can safely undergo this procedure. However, there are certain circumstances in which it may not be recommended. Here we’ll go over who should not get a tummy tuck.

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How to Know If You’re a Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery

If your breasts are what some might call “oversized” and you experience discomfort due to their size and weight, you may be a candidate for breast reduction. This procedure could truly change your life! Here are some of the factors that identify whether you are a good candidate for breast reduction.

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Should I Get a Breast Lift or Implants?

If you’re considering breast enhancement surgery, two popular options are breast lift surgery and breast augmentation (breast implant surgery). While both procedures can improve the look of your breasts, they address different concerns and achieve different results. Here are some of the key differences between a breast lift and breast implants and how to decide which breast enhancement surgery is right for you.

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Is Liposuction Right for Me?

Many people struggle with stubborn fat that lingers in certain areas of the body, despite careful dieting and regular exercise. Liposuction is well-known and popularly received due to its ability to remove excess fat and sculpt a more defined, toned body shape. However, before jumping into any surgery, it’s important to determine whether it is right for you. If you’re considering liposuction, here are the factors that will determine whether liposuction is the right choice for you.

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Dr. Mouchantat has been performing plastic surgery procedures in the Denver area since 1996. Some of these procedures include abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, liposuction, face lifts and eyelid surgery. Dr. Mouchantat is experienced in fat grafting techniques as well. Some procedures can be done comfortably in the office under local anesthesia, while others are done in an accredited outpatient surgical facility or hospital setting.

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