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Tummy Tucks May Cause Long-Term Weight Loss

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Tummy Tucks May Cause Long-Term Weight Loss

denver abdominoplasty cosmetic surgeryThose who undergo a tummy tuck procedure may experience long-term weight loss in addition to the cosmetic benefits, according to a newly released study. Researchers are still trying to determine the connection between weight loss and abdominoplasty, but this study strengthens the connection. This recent study, published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, followed 20 women who had tummy tucks, tracking both short and longer term effects and weight loss. Typically performed solely for the cosmetic benefits, this preliminary research may give people another valuable reason to choose an abdominoplasty procedure.

Women Lose Weight Following Tummy Tuck Procedures

In addition to the small amount of weight loss that occurs immediately as a result of tissue removal, many of the women in the study were found to have increased weight loss over the year following the procedure. The cause of this longer-term weight loss in unclear, but the researchers believe it may have to do with “neuroendocrine mechanisms” that decrease hunger as a result of the removed fat tissue. On average, the women in the study had about five pounds of excess fat removed during the procedure itself. The removal of this tissue causes a change in the type of signals sent to the brain regarding hunger, a change that is similar to that which occurs following bariatric surgeries such as gastric bypass. In the words of the study authors, “We hypothesize that the increased satiety seen in our patients is related to changes in the neuroendocrine system.” If this association with tummy tuck fat removal and long term weight loss is proven, it is possible that a similar effect may be achievable with other body contouring procedures in which fat tissue is removed, such as liposuction, arm lifts, thigh lifts and breast lifts. Photo by A m o r e C a t a r i n a on Flickr.

Study Shows United States Leading the World in Cosmetic Surgery

denver breast augmentation proceduresLong the leader in cosmetic surgery innovation, the United States was recently announced as having the most cosmetic procedures performed of any country. The most popular surgical procedure for Americans was found to be breast augmentation. As reported by The Huffington Post, the United States now leads the world in several areas relating to cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. This report was based on an international study that was performed in collaboration with surgeons and organizations around the world. Over 20,000 surgeons were consulted, representing a truly thorough level of investigation.

US Leads in Surgical and Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

With over 3 million cosmetic procedures, the United States once more brings home the gold medal in both the surgical and non-surgical categories. US surgeons performed over one million cosmetic surgeries during 2011, and over 2 million non-surgical procedures. It also has the most licensed surgeons (nearly 6,000), and was the world leader for lipoplasty, breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, as well as tummy tucks. The most popular American non-surgical cosmetic procedure was Botox Cosmetic, which was also the overwhelming world leader. These injections, which help minimize and prevent facial wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth, accounted for more than a third of all non-surgical procedures worldwide. Other popular procedures were facial fillers and skin treatments. Interestingly, the most popular American surgical procedure was breast augmentation, though it was not the most common surgery performed worldwide. That distinction belongs to lipoplasty or liposuction, which accounted for nearly 20% of all international cosmetic surgery. In North America and Europe, breast augmentation was generally the most common surgical procedure. Asian and South American countries more frequently performed lipoplasty/liposuction than their United States counterparts. The article also credited some of the rise in cosmetic procedures to the increasing popularity of internet coupon sites that offer patients promotional offers for both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Photo by Eric Fischer on Flickr.

Study Shows Breast Lift/Augmentation Combo Safe and Effective

denver mastopexy breast implantsA new study performed by a group of Kentucky physicians shows that combining a breast lift and breast augmentation gives safe, effective results for women looking to adjust the shape and volume of their breasts. A breast lift, or mastopexy, will tighten and lift breasts that are sagging or have flattened due to aging or childbearing. However, it will not affect overall volume. A breast augmentation, or breast implant procedure, will increase the volume of the breasts but may not be effective alone for significant aging or sagging breast tissue. By combining these two procedures, many women may experience the best possible results.

Combination Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation Best Option for Many Women

According to Dr. Andrew Smith, a plastic surgeon and breast specialist, “Many patients who want to improve volume, firmness and shape can benefit from an augmentation-lift grouping. But beyond the aesthetic argument, a combination surgery just makes sense for many patients. It can mean much less time on the operating table and less cost than having the procedures separately.” The Kentucky study used the information of 332 women who had chosen to have the combination lift/augmentation procedure. Their findings were discussed in the January 2013 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which is published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The numerous benefits of combining these two procedures are not necessarily perfect for every patient, but those indicated for these surgeries can have improved recovery periods and a more comfortable overall experience. “This means the patient only has to complete one recovery, which can even reduce the risk of complications,” says Dr. Smith. “Not every breast enhancement patient will require both of these surgeries. However, a combination procedure offers some major advantages for the right candidate.” Photo by gtall1 on Flickr.

What Factors Affect the Length of Breast Lift Results?

denver mastopexy results timelineWhen considering a breast lift, one of the issues that concern many women is the long-term effectiveness of the procedure. Though all women will experience some amount of natural breast aging, often the effects of the surgical procedure can last a lifetime. This oft-discussed topic is common on the trusted plastic surgery website, where plastic surgeons around the world respond to cosmetic surgery questions. The general consensus of those surgeons responding is that several factors contribute to the results, but that a properly performed procedure on the average woman should last a lifetime.

Several Factors Contribute to Longevity of Breast Lift Results Over One’s Lifetime

Some of the things that could have the greatest influence on the results of a breast lift are pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. The natural changes which occur to allow for these breast functions may have noticeable effects on breast appearance with time. For this reason, it is highly recommended that women postpone any breast procedure, such as breast lift, augmentation or reduction, until they are no longer planning on having additional children. However, most breast surgeries still allow women to breastfeed should they become pregnant after having the procedure. In these cases, revisionary surgery may be performed to help improve the final appearance and manage any changes which may have been caused by childbirth. Other things that may have an impact on the eventual appearance of the breast are genetics, breast size and lifestyle. Going without a bra for long periods of time or during activities may also contribute to a gradual lowering of the breast tissue. Regardless of other factors, each woman’s breasts will experience natural aging with time. This will vary due to a number of factors, but may cause a loss of volume and change in shape. Serious aging may be addressed by your surgeon if needed. Photo by Alaskan Dude on Flickr.

Young Men and Women Choosing Botox to Prevent Wrinkles

denver increased non-surgical proceduresMore young men and women are now choosing to have Botox Cosmetic injections, as recent research has shown that they may prevent wrinkles as well as treat them. Recently documented in a press release from World News Report, younger patients are showing increased interest in a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, including Botox and dermal filler injections, breast augmentations, nose jobs and eyelid surgeries.

Younger Patients Looking for Anti-Aging and Facial Contouring Procedures

According to Dr. Stella, a cosmetic surgeon quoted in the press release, “BOTOX is not just a wrinkle reducer; it can also act as a wrinkle deterrent. Studies have shown that applying BOTOX to the fine lines that are precursors to deeper wrinkles can prevent those deeper wrinkles from occurring later, in the patient’s 30s and beyond. People in their 20s and early 30s who have begun to show facial aging can benefit in the long term from BOTOX.” In addition to the growth seen in Botox treatments for young patients, this popular procedure is skyrocketing in popularity with patients of all demographics. According to the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS) statistics, Botox injections are have been the leading non-surgical cosmetic procedure for patients under 35 in recent years. In terms of surgical procedures, the most popular plastic surgery procedures for patients under 35 have been rhinoplasties, also known as nose jobs. This is a particularly popular type of procedure for patients of all ages, as nose surgeries can address a wide range of issues that are not necessarily related to aging. In many cases, a nose job can help to provide a more naturally balanced overall appearance to the face, helping to accent the natural beauty of other areas, such as the eyes, smile or hair. Photo by liber on Flickr.

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