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Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet: Less Cravings for Fat?

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Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet: Less Cravings for Fat?

post bariatric surgery dietAfter undergoing gastric bypass, patients may experience a decrease in their desire for fatty foods. The study, which looked at what sort of foods patients who underwent the surgery incorporated into their post-bariatric surgery diet. It found that many patients shunned fats high in fat and instead made healthier choices for their post-bariatric surgery diet. Interestingly enough, a study of lab rats found a similar effect lasting up to 200 days after surgery. The researchers said the avoidance of fatty foods as part of a post-bariatric surgery diet may be attributed to hormones. An increase in certain types of hormones may lead to unpleasant digestive feelings, causing patients to curb their intake of fatty food and drinks. Of course, in order to maintain the positive effects of the surgery, a healthy post-bariatric surgery diet is necessary. Of great importance, too, for many patients are body contouring procedures which are often needed after losing a great deal of weight. Cosmetic surgeons often perform body contouring for patients who exhibit loose skin and pockets of fat on the body. These surgeries can include a tummy tuck, thigh lift, breast lift and sometimes and overall body lift. To learn more about maintaining your body after bariatric surgery, we encourage you to contact Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Mouchantat.

Seniors May Be at the Best Plastic Surgery Age

best plastic surgery agePlastic surgery is becoming a more favorable option for seniors looking to maintain a youthful look, according to The New York Times. People who often wonder about the best plastic surgery age may be surprised about how many patients undergoing cosmetic procedures are in their 70s and even older. The most popular facial procedures among seniors are a facelift to remove jowls, eyelid surgery to correct loose skin or bags and a forehead lift, which corrects a descending brow. The most popular body procedures among seniors are also highly popular among younger groups. These include liposuction and tummy tuck to remove excess fat and loose skin on the midsection. Breast surgeries like lifts and reductions are also popular. Somewhat interesting, too, is the fact that breast augmentation is favorable among senior women. One patient who felt at 83 that she was at the best age for plastic surgery is Marie, who has more than two dozen children and grandchildren. In an effort to help her “children to be proud of what I look like,” Marie underwent a breast lift with augmentation, which lifted her breasts and restored lost volume.

Are seniors at the best plastic surgery age?

While some may worry that the older you get, the higher the rate of complications from surgery, not all research points that way. In fact, some in their 70s, 80s and even older may be at the best plastic surgery age as long as they have maintained a healthy lifestyle. Two different studies, one published published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the other by the Cleveland Clinic found seniors were at no greater risk for complications than their younger counterparts when screened properly. To find out if you may be at the best plastic surgery age and to learn about your cosmetic options, we encourage you to join the mailing list of Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Mouchantat.

What Makes People Look Older and How to Reverse It

what makes people look olderDepending on many factors, most important among them your skin type, you might age differently than a friend the same age. This aging can appear in various ways. So, the question remains, what makes people look older? A recent New York Times article delved into this question and distilled how people of differing skin types and colors show age in different ways. For plastic surgeons, what makes people look older can be grouped into a “holy trinity” of changes. These include wrinkles and age spots, a general loss of volume and an overall sagginess of the skin. Generally speaking, those with darker skin tones aged more slowly. As dark skin has more pigment in it, it is better protected against the aging effects of the sun. Dark skin also tends to be oilier and thicker, making it more resistant to the signs of aging. Additionally, round faces, as many people with dark skin may have, show the signs of aging more slowly that those with thinner faces as more youthful volume is preserved. Another cause of what makes people look older is how, over time, the skin has lost volume and begins to droop. This leads to bagginess around the eyes and the appearance of jowls, among other issues. To correct loose skin around the eyes, eyelid surgery can be performed, while a facelift can diminish jowls in the lower face. Excessive frowning and other extreme facial expressions can add to what makes people look older, as well. These actions can cause lines to form in areas of the face like the brows and nasolabial folds, but both can be easily corrected. For forehead lines, Botox limits the movement of the muscle, causing the wrinkle to smooth out. In the case of laugh lines, injectable fillers can diminish their appearance, restoring a more youthful smoothness. To learn more about combating the common signs of aging, we encourage you to contact Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Mouchantat.

Brow Lift Technique: Less Really Can Be More

brow lift techniquePerforming a brow lift where the brow is only lifted minimally may yield the best results for some patients. Using special brow lift techniques, plastic surgeons are able to help a patient appear younger and open an eye area that may suffer from a descending brow. Rather than fully lifting the brow to a higher position, your surgeon may only lift part of the brow for an ideal result, as discussed in Cosmetic Surgery Times. One way a brow lift is sometimes performed is by unilaterally lifting the entire brow, but this may not be the ideal brow lift technique. In fact, in some cases, it may make the patient appear older and create a hollow appearance above the eyes, which may later need to be corrected. Rather, the brow should ideally be lifted in a minimal manner, which can still create a dramatically younger-looking visage. In the case of plastic surgery, oftentimes less is more. Instead of focusing on how high the brow should be after surgery, the shape of the brow overall may be more important. In the past, what was considered a beautifully shaped brow was different than it is today. At one point, a downturned brow was desirable, and later a more upturned brow. Today’s ideal is somewhere in the middle, where the brow is lower near the center of the face, higher near the end and with a peak above the iris of the eye. If you struggle with a descending brow but may not yet desire one of these brow lift techniques, Botox may be used to treat some types of brow deformities. Botox works by paralyzing the muscle at the treatment site, allowing the skin and brow to relax in a more natural position. To learn more about brow lift techniques or how your plastic surgeon may use Botox to treat an aged-looking brow, we encourage you to join our mailing list.
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