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Plastic Surgeons Warn Against "Awake" Brand Cosmetic Surgeries

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Plastic Surgeons Warn Against "Awake" Brand Cosmetic Surgeries

An alarming new trend in cosmetic procedures is taking hold and respected surgeons in the plastic surgery field want to warn patients about the dangers of some procedures marketed as “Awake cosmetic surgery.” Awake surgeries are now being noticed not for the beautiful results they yield (they often do not), but rather the unsafe conditions and unprofessional manner in which they are conducted. According to an article on, patients who have undergone Awake procedures, such as extensive liposuction and breast augmentations, are now raising their voices against the doctors who performed the procedures with little training that left them in great pain and with poor results. These patients’ stories stress the importance of looking into your plastic surgeon’s background and making sure he/she is board certified to perform the procedure you wish to undergo. Awake patients are given an unknown mixture of drugs without an anesthesiologist present. Aside from a cheaper cost, the main selling point of Awake procedures is that the patient remains somewhat conscious during the procedure and can evaluate the result before completion of the surgery, however, with an unknown amount of drugs coursing through their system, it’s unclear how lucid these patients truly are. Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Mouchantat questions the validity of decisions made under the influence of sedatives and painkillers, saying, “Any decision made on the table by a sedated or not sedated patient would be too highly influenced by the enthusiasm of the people present.” Dr. Mouchantat adds that during the consultation is the time for the patient’s desires and the surgeon’s skills and techniques to be rectified, not during surgery. The final chilling fact about Awake procedures is that for a doctor to perform these procedures (as approved by a nebulous “academy” located in Arizona), he/she only needs to undergo two days of training, whereas a board certified plastic surgeon has undergone years of training and a residency program. To avoid the pain, both physical and emotional, and the poor surgical outcome, it is important to keep a few things in mind when looking into a cosmetic procedure.
  • Research your surgeon and verify that he/she is board-certified to perform the procedure
  • Insist on an open dialogue with your surgeon and learn about the techniques he/she uses
  • Ask to see before and after photos from the surgeon’s previous patients and read patient testimonials, if available
We encourage you to learn more about how Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Mouchantat safely performs liposuction and breast augmentation procedures with beautiful results.

Reconstructive Procedures Help Patients Rebuild

denver reconstructive surgeryThough elective plastic surgery gets headlines and reality shows, the more compassionate side of the field, reconstructive surgery, is where many doctors choose to spend a good deal of their time helping patients rebuild their lives. A recent Yahoo! News story highlighted a young girl who underwent a new type of reconstructive surgery called anaplastology to restore one of her ears that had been badly burned in an accident. The surgical procedure Elise underwent to recreate her right ear used a prosthetic can last about six years before needing to be replaced (a much easier follow-up procedure). Though this form of reconstructive surgery is only performed by about 150 plastic surgeons worldwide, Dr. Mouchantat offers a host of reconstructive procedures in Denver. Otoplasty is an ear pinning surgery performed by your plastic surgeon that reforms the cartilage of your ear to reshape it and reposition the ear so it is closer to the head. Breast reconstruction options range from the more common breast implant procedure to skin and tissue grafting surgeries that use donor sites on the patient’s own body (often abdomen or buttocks) to recreate the breast. Tissue expansion procedures are also used for reconstructive patients who lack the sufficient skin to move forward with reconstruction. In this procedure, a balloon-like instrument is placed under the skin and gradually filled with saline to stretch the skin. Your plastic surgeon may also be able to remove or diminish scars you have from previous skin trauma. This process may utilize injectable fillers to fill a depressed scar, or the removal of scar tissue. Call Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Mouchantat at (303) 232-8585 to learn more about how he can use his reconstructive skills to help you.

Allergan, Maker of Botox, Sees Sales Increases

denver-botox-latisse-allergan-breast-implantsShoppers are returning to optional goods and services, like designer jewelry and cosmetic procedures as the economy begins to show signs of a rebound in Denver and around the country, according to a Wall Street Journal article. While lower-income individuals may still be shying away from “elective” spending, those whose investments are looking up are returning to cosmetic procedures, like those made by Allergan, to help their faces look as healthy as their pocketbooks. Allergan, which produces cosmetic treatments like Botox, which reduces wrinkles and Latisse to promote eyelash growth, as well as breast implants, saw sales of its products rise in the last quarter—breast implant revenue was up 10%, while Botox sales rose 4%. While in the past, 50% of Allergan’s breast implant revenue came from individuals using credit, as estimated in the article, the estimate for today is lower—between 30-40%. This likely means consumers whose pocketbooks are healthy have returned to cosmetic procedures while those who are still struggling, are avoiding using their credit lines to purchase these treatments or are simply cutting back. Plastic surgeon Dr. Mouchantat offers a variety of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in his Denver practice.

Unemployed Turn to Cosmetic Procedures for Assistance

denver-unemployed-surgeryWith unemployment rates still lingering around 10%, many people are working hard to give their professional lives and resumes a lift. Some savvy individuals in Denver and elsewhere, however, are turning to a somewhat less conventional method for getting back into the workforce—cosmetic surgery. According to the Chicago Tribune, older workers are considering a “nip and tuck to stay competitive in the job market.” Because most job seekers have limited income and less time to spend on a cosmetic treatment, minimally invasive procedures are the most popular. Brief treatments like Botox or Dysport can reduce visible wrinkles and fine lines on the face, shaving years off your appearance. Other injectables like Restylane or Juvederm involve little downtime and can quickly correct wrinkles caused by reduced skin volume, conditions that can prematurely age you. Skin renewal treatments like light chemical peels can often refresh the face with little to no downtime. With a chemical peel, dead, dull surface skin is removed, encouraging the production of new skin cells resulting in a more vibrant looking you. While non-surgical treatments continue to grow in popularity, they can’t compare to the results of facial rejuvenation surgery. Blepharoplasty can reduce puffy and drooping eyelids, while a facelift can tighten the sagging tissues that make you look older. Surgery does require more downtime, but the latest minimally invasive surgery techniques can help you get back to your routine as quickly as possible. Although cosmetic procedures might help one jumpstart his or her career, it pays to seek out a qualified surgeon that won’t try to sell you a procedure you don’t need or can’t afford. Last year, a Medspa in the D.C. area announced a promotion of free Botox for the unemployed. Dr. Christopher Hess, a plastic surgeon near Washington D.C., questioned their motives. He wrote on his blog, “Why would anyone try to attract patients that clearly don’t have any disposable income to buy products that require disposable income?”  Because “spas are businesses that look at the bottom line first and patient care later on,” he concludes. Ultimately, the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure, as well as the motives behind it, remains solely up the individual and what benefits they hope to gain from the procedure. Subscribe to Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Mouchantat’s email list to learn about upcoming specials that can make treatments even more affordable.
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