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Silicone Implant Safety Reviewed by FDA

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Silicone Implant Safety Reviewed by FDA

silicone implant safetyThe results of a new study by the FDA on silicone implant safety are positive, both for patients as well as plastic surgeons.

After conducting an in-depth study of silicone implant safety, the FDA has confirmed that silicone gel implants “have a reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness when used as labeled.” For consumers, this means silicone gel implant augmentations performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, and maintained as instructed, should present no extreme health issues for the patient.

The FDA’s silicone implant safety study also debunked a rumor that silicone breast implants share an association with “connective tissue disease, breast cancer, or reproductive problems.” Based on current data, the FDA said there is no detected connection.

Long-Term Silicone Implant Safety Tips

Women who are considering silicone breast implants should note that though breast implants are long-lasting, no such implant will last a lifetime. Over the course of her life, a woman who has gotten breast implants will likely need to have them replaced.

Patients will need to monitor their silicone gel implants over time and note any signs of complication to their surgeon. Some women may experience a hardening of tissue around the breast, called capsular contracture, or may have a revision or removal surgery.

Silicone implant safety monitoring also extends to visiting your doctor for screenings. Periodic MRIs can detect a “silent rupture” of the implant, which the patient may not be aware of. As an added precaution for women both with and without silicone gel implants, it is important to continue regular mammograms, as directed by your doctor.

Silicone gel implants are used not only for breast augmentation, but often as a part of breast lift surgeries, as well.

Plastic Surgery: Debbie Harry Sees Lasting Benefits

debbie harry plastic surgeryBlondie lead singer Debbie Harry sees plastic surgery as important and appreciates the benefits she still sees as a result of a facelift in the 90s,  she told Showbiz Spy.

Plastic Surgery: Debbie Harry Speaks About the Importance of Research

While Harry says some people might rush into a decision to have plastic surgery and go to a plastic surgeon without doing some “homework,” she knows its importance. When considering plastic surgery, you want to make sure you choose a board certified plastic surgeon. This plastic surgeon will show you examples of their patient work and walk you through the procedure, making sure you feel comfortable. Your plastic surgeon will also discuss your options with you during your consultation. Your board certified plastic surgeon has the aesthetic eye and experience to suggest appropriate procedures and treatments to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Harry says she met with several plastic surgeons even after doing research. This careful process helped her choose a plastic surgeon who was right for her individual needs.

Debbie Harry: Plastic Surgery Considerations “Important”

Harry says that as a woman, she feels its important to think about the aging process and what she can do to stop it. Harry adds that women have a more “rigorous time physically than men.” Even if she wasn’t a well-known person, Harry says she would have still had the facelift, which she feels helped bring her out of a depression. Even nearly two decades after her facelift, Harry says it has held up well. While a facelift surgery like Harry underwent can remove sagging skin and jowls on the lower face, it is important to maintain a skin care regimen, as well, especially as your skin continues to age. When you visit your plastic surgeon for a consultation regarding a facelift or other facial rejuvenation procedure, make sure to ask about skin care products to protect and repair your skin to maintain its youthful glow.

Obagi for Dark Skin May Help Women of Color

obagi dark skinWomen of color often have trouble finding an ideal skin care routine, according to a poll released by Obagi, a leading maker of professional-grade skincare products. The poll, which was completed by 1,000 women of varying ethnicities, from African American to Middle Eastern, Asian and Hispanic, found that nearly half of the women shared one concern: pigmentation. This may include issues with hyperpigmentation, dark spots or a generally uneven skin tone. More startling yet, is the finding that nearly a majority of the women polled said they have difficulty finding skincare products that meet their expectations. Almost half of the women polled said their current skin care routine does not fill their needs. In some cases, that issue may be linked to finding matching colors for makeup items like foundation or cover-up. Nude, a common color found in the drugstore aisle, will often match the skin tone of women with a more fair complexion. This issue of what constitutes a “nude” shade is a hot topic for the fashion industry, as well, as discussed by the Associated Press. One clear positive coming out of the poll was the fact that most women asked said they wore a daily sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, which may be component in products made by Obagi for dark skin. This is good news for the women as it will help ward off sun damage and early signs of aging.

Obagi for Dark Skin and Other Treatments

If you already struggle with photodamaged skin, however, all hope is not lost. In fact, on top of products by Obagi for dark skin, treatments in your plastic surgeon’s office can reverse these issues and an improved skin care regimen can protect it from further damage. A common way to reduce pigmentation issues is with non-surgical treatments. A chemical peel comes in varying strengths and removes the damaged surface skin cells, smoothing out your skin’s appearance. Dermabrasion or microdermabrasion work in a similar way and may be done with a course of treatments. For ongoing protection, you should ask your plastic surgeon about Obagi for dark skin. Many of the products Obagi makes are ideal for varying skin types. For dark skin, Obagi’s Nu-Derm and Obagi-C Rx treatments can clear away pigmentation problems from within.

Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age

makeup wakeup

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Women who have elected cosmetic surgery are eager to show off their younger look, but may now need to apply makeup differently to best showcase it. The authors of Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age, are determined to help these women, among others. With Makeup Wakeup, written by Lois Joy Johnson and Sandy Linter, the authors say their goal was to “write a beauty guide we’d read ourselves, one that solved the kinds of issues women face every day.” Makeup Wakeup, which is targeted at women over 40 aims to provide tips and tricks to combat common signs of aging. Additionally, the authors consulted with surgeons about combining makeup with both cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical treatments. The authors have a strong pedigree—Johnson was a co-founding editor of More magazine and Linter is a makeup artist for many celebrities. The book’s release party, which was held last month was attended by several noted celebrities, including Blondie singer Debbie Harry, who is featured in the book. The foreword was written by Better Midler. Industry experts and professionals are taking note of Makeup Wakeup. A review on said the book is “full of sharp advice” and pointed out the unique makeup buying tips it features. Makeup Wakeup is available nationwide and is published by Running Press.
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