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Benefits of Breast Surgeries on TODAY

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Benefits of Breast Surgeries on TODAY

Having breast surgery can be a dramatic change for a woman, and as seen on the TODAY show’s Life Changers segment, two women who underwent breast surgeries experienced positive changes.

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Erica, who underwent breast augmentation for what she called her “zero” breasts, actually an A-cup, said that her silicone gel implants made her feel like she had “the Bentley of boobs.” As an alternative to silicone implants similar to Erica’s, saline implants, which may feel less natural, are available at a lower cost. As well as the implant type, other options include the size, shape, placement and the location of incisions. Another woman, Jeanne, underwent a breast reduction due to her D-cup sized breasts that caused back, neck and shoulder pains on her small frame. More than just the associated pain, she also experienced indentations from her bra straps and had difficulty finding clothing that fit comfortably. In the type of breast reduction procedure that Jeanne underwent, the surgeon removes excess skin and tissue that add weight to the breasts and often moves the nipple areola to a more youthful position. In addition to the cosmetic breast augmentation and reduction procedures, breast lifts are often performed to lift breasts that have begun to sag over time or after weight loss. While excess skin is removed and the nipple areola often moved in a breast lift, implants may also be used to restore breast fullness.

Traditional Liposuction Still Popular Among Plastic Surgeons

liposuction denverIn a survey published in the February issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) found that many of its members prefer more traditional liposuction methods to newer techniques. The survey asked members about various liposuction techniques including newer technologies. It found that overall, most respondents perform between 51 and 100 liposuctions per year and they said traditional liposuction was their preferred method over other techniques such as Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction or Laser-assisted Liposuction. Jamil Ahmad, MD, lead author of the survey said, “Our survey found that ASAPS members tend to more frequently employ the fat removal methods that have the longest track records and the most data to support their efficacy and safety.” Ahmad went on to say that surgeon preferences may change as they become more experienced with newer methods and continue to improve patient safety standards. Members surveyed also said they encourage on-going training of those in the aesthetic field, but are concerned about some doctors practicing outside their field of expertise. This stresses the importance of ensuring your surgeon is specifically trained and experienced to perform any procedure you will undergo.

Roger Ebert Gets New Jaw After Cancer Battle

facial implantAfter battling thyroid cancer, film critic Roger Ebert had cancerous cells removed and the cancer finally necessitated the removal of his right jaw and Ebert lost his ability to speak. However, with the use of a prosthetic, which he wrote about for the Chicago Sun-Times, Ebert has been able to recreate the lower part of his face and uses the prosthetic for some shots of his new television show. The silicone prosthetic, which was created specifically for Ebert by a team of doctors from the Milwaukee area is composed of silicone and is similar to prosthetics used to recreate limbs for children. Ebert acknowledges that many know his condition and that the prosthetic won’t fool too many people, but says, “Symbolically, it’s as if my illness never happened and, hey, here I still am, on the show with these new kids.”

Does Economy Drive Plastic Surgery Desires, Book Asks

american plastic book denverThough President Ronald Reagan is often credited with ending the Cold War and having a hand in bringing down the Berlin Wall, in her book American Plastic: Boob Jobs, Credit Cards, and Our Quest for Perfection, author Laurie Essig asserts that The Gipper’s trickle down economic theories have made plastic surgery more readily available to lower-income Americans. Essig claims that after the implementation of trickle down economics, a theory she sees as less-than-successful, many Americans were put at an economic disadvantage and later began to see plastic surgery as a remedy to their financial troubles, though it could put them into deeper debt. Some saw plastic surgeries increasingly as a way to further their careers (or simply hold onto them), and less as just elective procedures to look more thin or beautiful, according to a 2.5 star review of the book for Bloomberg Businessweek. Most of the 140 patients Essig interviewed for American Plastic saw plastic surgery as somewhat of a necessity in an ever-growing (and increasingly younger) job market. To that effect, one woman told Essig, “it’s about how you look, not what you do. I do believe that nine times out of 10, women with the hot bodies get the best jobs.” More than just tummy tucks and liposuction leading the industry, Essig sees Botox with its dropping prices and ease of availability driving middle and lower income consumers into their plastic surgeon’s office and as they seek increased confidence in an uncertain economy.
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