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Telehealth with Dr. Mouchantat

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, day-to-day life has changed drastically for most of us. Many businesses have closed, and people are canceling all outings and staying in their homes. All of this is helping us to minimize catching and spreading this virus.

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Ring Out the Old and Ring In the New You

At the beginning of the year, we’re all engaging in self-reflection. It’s time to “ring out the old and ring in the new” and make those improvements you know you need to help you move forward in a positive direction. As you decide what to focus on this year, remember that the outer you is just as important as the inner you!

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Summer Event: Grand Opening of Clarified Complexions!

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Mouchantat and Aesthetic RN Tara Gartanutti are pleased to announce the GRAND OPENING of Clarified Complexions on Wednesday, June 27th, 2018. You are invited to come and meet these experienced and personable practitioners during this special evening of insight, education, and fun!

Clarified Complexions is the start of a new collaboration between professionals Dr. Mouchantat and Aesthetic RN Tara Gartanutti. Clarified Complexions will be offering a wide spectrum of aesthetic services, including the new Halo™ laser, Forever Young BBL™, tunable resurfacing laser, CoolSculpting®, facial injections, and more. Under the direction of Dr. Mouchantat (who will still be offering his expert injection services), Clarified Complexion will be focused on educating patients about healthy skin and encouraging a healthier internal system to keep you looking and feeling youthful from the inside out.

The Grand Opening event for Clarified Complexions will be filled with incredible opportunities for all our guests! We will be featuring some of our best aesthetic procedures (including those listed above), as well as providing live demonstrations and expert opinions on surgical interventions. Exclusive one-night specials, raffle giveaways, delicious light fare and drink, and special gift bags (RSVP here!) will be provided for your pleasure.

As spacing is limited, we hope you’ll RSVP soon and bring a friend to get special gifts! The Grand Opening event will run from 4pm to approximately 7pm at the office of Dr. Richard Mouchantat, located at 3280 Wadsworth Blvd., Suite 100 here in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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Am I a Candidate For a Breast Lift?

The breast lift has been an effective tool for many women to love the way their body looks and feels, especially after going through dramatic physical changes. At Mouchantat Plastic Surgery, we often see many women coming to our Denver-based practice looking to improve the shape or position of their breasts after significant weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding, or due to aging. While a breast lift can be a life-changing procedure, it may not be right for everybody. Today we’re going to take a closer look at who is a good candidate for a breast lift at Mouchantat Plastic Surgery.  More »

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Benefits of Laser Rejuvenation


Lasers are now leading the field of plastic surgery, opening doors to new possibilities continuously. Dr. Mouchantat and his team in the Denver area are proud to offer xeo® Laser treatments by Cutera for men and women seeking a solution to many of their skin concerns. Laser rejuvenation treatments like xeo laser are popular for many different reasons. Whether you have considered a laser treatment in the past or are just now wondering about the benefits, we invite you to read on and discover the many benefits of this laser rejuvenation provide.  More »

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The Age Old Question: Should You Go with Silicone or Saline Breast Implants?


During the many Breast Augmentation visits at Mouchantat Plastic Surgery, this question often comes up most with our patients: “What really is the difference between Silicone and Saline?” While sources go back and forth on which of these two implant options is superior, Dr. Mouchantat wants to help you make the right decision for your Breast Augmentation procedure. Your choice of implant will entirely depend on your own unique desired new look and feel.   

Why Saline Implants

Saline implants are made of an outer silicone shell that is inserted in place within the breast before filled. Once positioned, Dr. Mouchantat will fill these implants with sterile salt water (saline) until your breast implants have reached the ideal size. This allows for adjustments during the surgery to achieve optimal balance.

One of the major positives of using saline implants is they require smaller incisions during the surgery because the implants are deflated when inserted. This means that there are a variety of different incision locations to insert the implant through, which will give you the freedom to choose an incision location that will keep scars most hidden. Saline implants are safe to use for our Colorado clients over the age of 18 seeking Breast Augmentation.

Why Silicone Implants

Silicone implants differ from saline as they are already filled before insertion. Silicone implants contain—as you probably could guess—a cohesive silicone gel which is designed to feel like your own natural breast tissue. This cohesive gel also holds its shape quite well, making it extremely resistant to complications such as rupture or rippling. They even come in a variety of shapes (such as pear, or tear-drop shaped to mimic the natural look) and textures.

Silicone implants have a good reputation for feeling natural and like fatty tissue. There are many styles and sizes of silicone breast implants available to fit any body type and desired enhancement. This can especially be a good decision for women who have less soft tissue to ensure the breast looks and feels naturally beautiful. Silicone implants are available for women 22 years old and older.

Personalized Breast Augmentation For Either Choice!

At Mouchantat Plastic Surgery, the choice of implant material is entirely up to you and your needs. During your private consultation, Dr. Mouchantat will listen to your specific goals and analyze your breasts to help provide his own professional recommendation as to which implant will best help you achieve your goal outcome.

Our amazing plastic surgery team helps women weigh the pros and cons of the different implant options and also discuss the other options for Breast Augmentations, such as your implant size and incision site. Any treatment plan will be a collaborative effort between you and Dr. Mouchantat. If you are interested in pursuing Breast Augmentation surgery, schedule your initial consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mouchantat today for both our Parker and Wheat Ridge locations.


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This Year, Find Motivation with Dr. Mouchantat


Ringing in the New Year, many people make the resolution to be healthier. Come January, Dr. Mouchantat sees a number of patients hoping to stay true to their resolution. While plastic surgery is not an alternative for a healthy lifestyle—for many individuals, it can provide them with the jumpstart they need.  

Body contouring procedures are often a popular choice. Instead of drastically altering your figure, body contouring focuses on redefining and reshaping the body. With numerous procedures—both surgical and non-surgical—available to you, body contouring allows the flexibility and opportunity for head to toe improvement. While some choose to focus on common trouble spots like their waist or flanks, body contouring can be just as successfully performed on the neck, upper arms, chest, back, hips, or even the knees.
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Which is Right for You: A Mini or Full Tummy Tuck?


The goal of a tummy tuck is to slim and tighten the midsection. Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck tightens loose skin and the stomach’s underlying muscle structure. When considering a tummy tuck, it is important to understand the differences between a mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck.
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A More Likable You


We often associate facial rejuvenation surgery with youth and beauty—but what if it could make you more likable? According to a recent study published in the journal, JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery—this surprising revelation may prove to be true. The study is the first to research and measure social implications of plastic surgery outside of the perception of youthfulness. Looking to see if facial profiling exists, researchers set out to evaluate and examine the changes in personality perception that occur with facial rejuvenation.

Facial Profiling: The act of determining personality attributes through visual observation

A total of 173 participants (110 women, 63 men) viewed photos of 30 women previous to and after facial rejuvenation surgery. The women underwent one or more procedures in the form of facelifts, upper and lower eye lifts, eyebrow lifts, neck lift, or chin implants. The subjects were asked to assess the women’s appeared level of aggressiveness, extroversion, likeability, trustworthiness, risk seeking, social skill, attractiveness, and femininity. The same patient’s preoperative and postoperative photos were not shown together to any person in order to eliminate recall bias. Woman who underwent facial plastic surgery were perceived as more likeable, attractive, to possess better social skills, and appeared more feminine than previous to their operations.
The study concludes that “facial plastic surgery changes the perception of patients by those around them”. Illuminating that facial rejuvenation surgery extends beyond beauty and influences greater “dimensions of a patient’s facial profile”.

What does this mean for you?

As a top facelift doctor in Denver, you can trust Dr. Mouchantat to rejuvenate and refresh your look. A facelift:
• Removes Excess Facial Fat
• Tightens Underlying Muscles
• Lessens the Appearance of Drooping Skin
• Reduces Fat Deposits
• Eliminates Deep Folds and Heavy Wrinkles
• Revitalizes the Skin’s Firmness
• In addition to the facial focus, a face lift targets loose skin and folds around the neck.
Be a better you. See if the research is true. Allow a facelift to enhance your natural beauty. Become a more likable, social, and attractive woman. Are you interested? Schedule a consultation at Mouchantat Plastic Surgery today. Next Page »

What to Consider Before Liposuction

Trying to decide if liposuction is right for you? When making this decision, many factors should be considered. Tried and true, liposuction offers a permanent way to rid the body of excess fat cells. A versatile procedure, liposuction can be performed almost anywhere on the body. With liposuction, Dr. Mouchantat will give you a slim and toned figure.
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    Dr. Mouchantat has been performing plastic surgery procedures in the Denver area since 1996. Some of these procedures include abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, liposuction, face lifts and eyelid surgery. Dr. Mouchantat is experienced in fat grafting techniques as well. Some procedures can be done comfortably in the office under local anesthesia, while others are done in an accredited outpatient surgical facility or hospital setting.

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