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Breast Implants: Over or Under the Muscle?

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Breast Implants: Over or Under the Muscle?

Breast augmentation surgery has become the go-to solution for women looking to achieve their ideal breasts. Last year, the procedure was ranked as the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States with over 300 thousand procedures in 2012. However, it is not as simple as plopping in a couple implants and calling it a day. There are several factors for you to consider and discuss with your board certified plastic surgeon before moving along with the process, one of which being: where should the implant be placed?

Over the Muscle (Subglandular)

The Good: The recovery time from a breast augmentation tends to be shorter because there is not as much trauma to the underlying tissues when the implant is placed above the muscle. This type of placement can also result in a slightly more lifted look. The Bad: When the implant is placed nearer to the skin surface, it may feel and look less natural depending on how thin your skin is. Also, extra scans may be required during a mammogram in order to see around the implant. When is it most effective?: Subglandular placement is most effective when using silicone gel implants because the silicone implants allow for a more natural look and feel.

Under the Muscle (Submuscular)

The Good: The implant is held in place more secure when placed below the pectoral muscle and breast tissue. Also, because the implant is behind the muscle, it should not require extra scans during a mammogram. The Bad: Recovery will typically take more time and may be slightly more painful. When is it most effective?: Submuscular is most effective for achieving a more natural look for thinner women because placing the implant below the muscle allows for extra coverage.

Three Exercises to Help Perk Up Your Breasts

Ladies, it’s time to stop leaving all the chest exercises to the men. When you are at the park and that guy with the ripped pecs runs by to catch a football and your attention, the reason his chest looks like that is because of a solid routine of chest exercises. The fact is, some of these same work-outs can also help you add some lift to your breasts. Now don’t worry, you will still keep that feminine look, but over time, your chest will begin to perk up for a younger, refreshed look.

The Modified Push-Up

  1. Get into the push-up position with your palms flat against the floor. Bend your knees and raise your feet off the ground with your ankles crossed.
  2. Lower yourself down, keeping just a few inches between you and the floor
  3. Keeping your back straight, push up off the ground with your face angled toward the ground
  4. Do three sets of ten repetitions.

The Pec Press

  1. Set a couple of weights on the ground and lie down on a stability ball or aerobics step in between them so that your back is on top of the ball/step with your shoulders free to move.
  2. Grab the weights
  3. Hold the weights near your armpits with your elbows pointing out and push the weights up until your arms are fully extended then lower the weights back down
  4. Do three sets of twelve repetitions and increase the weight as you grow stronger

Isometric-Chest Contractions

  1. Stand slightly bent at the knee
  2. Grab both ends of a towel and hold it in front of you at about shoulder level
  3. Pull the towel in opposing directions at the same time while using a pulsating motion, keeping the towel taut at all times
  4. Do three one minute sets
It really is that simple. Just three exercises, three times a day, three times a week, and you will begin to notice an improvement in lift and tone within a few weeks.

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Dr. Richard Mouchantat is a board-certified plastic surgeon and over the past 13 years, he has earned a strong reputation here in Denver. If you would like to see a more dramatic change in the lift or size of your breasts, Dr. Mouchantat is the person to go to in Colorado. With Dr. Mouchantat, you can achieve the look and feel that you want. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

Breast Implants Linked to a Better Sex Life

It is no secret that large breasts are like magnets to a man, but according to a recent study, getting breast implants also provides women with a pretty significant positive impact. About 61% of the women that participated in the study said that they are now having sex more often than they did before getting breast implants. They were also asked about their overall happiness in life to which over a third had reported seeing a significant increase in their lifestyle satisfaction. So what is it about breast augmentation that is having this effect on women? Well, the connection is fairly simple. Self-confidence is critical for many women to achieve a pleasurable sex life, and if her partner is drooling over her new body, the confidence boost that she needs is right there! Also, self-confidence does a lot of good outside the bedroom as well. When a woman feels good about herself and how she looks, the confidence that she develops can be a very powerful thing. Breast Augmentation at Mouchantat Plastic Surgery If you have been looking for a way to spice up your life, talk to our board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mouchantat, about how our breast augmentation treatment can benefit you.

Breast Augmentation 101

While breast augmentation currently ranks number one on the the list of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States, all it takes is a quick search to realize that there is still a lot of confusion circling around it. It seems like lately we’ve been more concerned about who is the latest celebrity to receive implants and less concerned about the real facts about the procedure. Well, hopefully this clears up some of the misconceptions about breast augmentation.
  1. Abnormal sagging is not caused by breast implants. While many people fear excess sagging from breast implants, the truth is that the implants are actually much more resistant to sagging than your own actual breast tissue. Therefore, sagging will only occur naturally as they would with age depending on the amount of natural breast tissue.
  2. Stretch marks are not a common side effect. Unless you are choosing one of the larger implants, you will not have to worry about stretch marks.
  3. Silicone and Saline implants are not the same. Silicone implants have been gaining popularity because of their more natural feel and look compared to the roundness of saline implant.
  4. Getting breast implants will not increase your chances of contracting breast cancer. While implants will not cause an increased risk of breast cancer, it is always important to inform your doctor of any family history of breast cancer to ensure your safety.
  5. Breast implants will not cause interference with mammograms. However, a few extra x-ray scans may be necessary to see around the implant.

Have you been considering a breast augmentation for yourself?

Board-certified Dr. Richard Mouchantat is the director here at Mouchantat Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mouchantat has the extensive experience and expertise to provide you with everything that you need to know about the breast augmentation procedure. As one of the top doctors in plastic surgery, as selected by various medical professionals and magazines, Dr. Mouchantat has been providing his patients with the beautiful, natural looking results that they desire. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can benefit from a breast augmentation, contact us to set up a free consultation!

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