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More Patients Choosing Body Sculpting Procedures

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More Patients Choosing Body Sculpting Procedures

denver cosmetic surgery bariatricMore and more patients are now choosing body sculpting surgeries, thanks to a rise in extreme weight loss in America. Rapidly rising obesity levels means that there are more patients then ever who can benefit from these weight loss methods. Following a weight loss of 50-100 pounds or more, which is a typical result of successful bariatric surgery, many patient’s bodies may not be able to quickly bounce back to their previous appearance. For these patients, plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks and arm lifts may be an excellent solution.

Body Sculpting on the Rise for Weight-Loss Patients

According to Dr. Charlotte Rhee, “For obese individuals, dropping a significant amount of weight can have a profoundly beneficial impact on their overall health. Many are left discouraged, however, with the toll it can take on their body – the most common of which is loose, hanging skin.” With minor weight loss, the body can often handle the change, gradually adjusting the amount of skin and tissue in the areas of weight loss until they are firm and balanced once more. Yet for patients who have had a more dramatic change, the body’s natural mechanisms of repair could take many years to take effect, and some cases may be beyond what the body is capable of repairing. For these patients, body contouring represents an excellent option, as they may be able to achieve a final look that more attractively reflects all the hard work they have put into their weight loss. Plastic surgery can specifically target their trouble areas and create a look that is balanced overall. “Body contouring combines several procedures based on a patient’s medical needs and cosmetic goals,” says Dr. Rhee. “Often, it will include some combination of tummy tuck surgery, arm lift surgery and/or a body lift procedure. The goal is to resculpt the body, achieving a more proportionate figure.” Photo by mikebaird on Flickr.

ABC News Reports Massive Increase In Afghanistan Cosmetic Surgery

denver facial surgical proceduresMore Afghans are traveling internationally then every before, and this has had a noticeable effect on the country’s attitude toward plastic surgery. As a result of this increasingly open attitude, both men and women are choosing to have cosmetic surgery in rapidly increasing numbers. As recently reported by ABC News, plastic surgery in this region has undergone a dramatic transformation, turning an industry that once handled only trauma and reconstructive work into one that is more in step with the global trends of cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgeons in Afghanistan Now Performing Breast Enhancement, Nose Jobs and Face Lifts

According to Dr. Aminullah Hamkar, a Kabul plastic surgeon, his practice has seen a major change in the last few years, as various influence impact the way people interact. “Ten years ago it was all about repairing scars,” he said. “When I sometimes ask the young people who come here why they want cosmetic operations, they simply say they want to look better and beautiful.” This is a development of both commercial and emotional importance, as many consider such beauty concerns a sign that Afghanistan is entering a time of peace. In addition, this means that fewer patients are seeking cosmetic surgery as a result of war damage or other attacks. Previously, many plastic surgery patients were seeking help for the damage done by acid or knife attacks, as well as many other forms of trauma. Surgeries that have been disproportionately popular in Afghanistan are breast augmentation, face lifts, liposuction and rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, likely as a result of influence from outside cultures. In Dr. Harnkar’s opinion, “Many people’s perceptions of life and sex change upon their return from a trip to a less conservative place.” Photo by ind{yeah} on Flickr.

Proper Exercise to Enhance the Results of Your Breast Lift Procedure

mastopexy denver best exercisesWhen thinking about having breast lift surgery, one of the key topics of discussion should be proper exercise before and after the procedure. Women with a regular exercise regimen or a devotion to a specific sport will want to discuss the best way to maintain their health during their recovery. By discussing these questions with your plastic surgeon prior to your procedure, you can be sure that your recovery will best fit your needs, and that your understanding of the procedure and its impact will improve your results. Though each case is unique, here are some general exercise guidelines that will enhance the results of breast surgery, ensuring the healthiest possible recovery.

A Good Workout Plan Can Enhance the Results of Breast Surgeries

In the weeks leading up to your procedure, it is often helpful to begin tapering off on your regular exercises that impact the upper body. This includes chest, shoulder, upper back and arm workouts, and is intended to help relax these muscles and avoid straining them. These crucial chest muscles respond best to a breast lift if they are relaxed. During the first few weeks after a breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction, it is absolutely crucial to avoid damaging the breasts. Consider this time a well-deserved break from your normal routine, giving your body the chance to heal properly. After the first few days of rest, it is acceptable to slowly begin increasing your activity level, working up to short walks or other minimal-impact lower body exercise by the end of the second week. After two weeks, your exercise plan should be heavily determined by your surgeon, who will walk you through what you should and should not do. You may be able to start working in some upper body exercises in weeks 2-5 of your recovery time. Generally, you will not be doing any overhead upper body exercise until the second month of recovery. It is important to listen to your body and to your surgeon for the best possible long term health. Image by ManOnPHI on Flickr.

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