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Dolly Parton Dishes About Aging with Breast Implants

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Dolly Parton Dishes About Aging with Breast Implants

dolly parton The Denver Channel recently published an article about Dolly Parton, the movie star, singer, songwriter who has never been shy when it comes to talking about her plastic surgery procedures. That also includes her breast implants. She says aging with her breast implants has been “just fine,” and according to People magazine’s September 2003 issue, she has had plastic surgery for her eyes, lips and breasts.  None of which Dolly denies. Her Beverly Hills surgeon, Dr. John Grossman, claims Parton is genetically gifted with beautiful skin. She’s also had a number of face rejuvenations, but never a full face-lift.  Parton herself says a tan in the South used to be a sign that you worked in the fields, so she never went out in the sun.  But with Parton’s usual, self-deprecating humor, she is proud to say that Dr. Grossman “does all my fender work.” She’s even described her cosmetic procedures to Larry King in an interview as getting “sucked, plucked or tucked.” Parton Pokes Fun at Her Image With her trademark grace and humor, Parton sees her overall flashy look and image as a result of her growing up dirt poor in Tennessee, the fourth of 12 children.   According to her 1994 biography, Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business she hides none of her past augmentations and addresses them all with a non-nonsense attitude. With nearly forty years in the entertainment industry, you don’t even have to know anything about country music to know Dolly Parton and the flashy, campy icon she’s become. In the Nightline interview she even gests about her entry into a drag queen look-alike contest.  Standing among the other contestants, who spent months perfecting the make-up, hair and her signature look, Dolly Parton lost. Photo by Alejo Castillo
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