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Chin Surgery in the Limelight After Palin's Corrective Jaw Procedure

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Chin Surgery in the Limelight After Palin's Corrective Jaw Procedure

denver chin surgeryA recent “corrective jaw surgery” for Bristol Palin also gave her what she saw as added cosmetic improvements, too, according to Us Weekly. Though Palin said she underwent the procedure to help align her jaw and teeth, her appearance is now more streamlined. Palin said because of the surgery she looks more mature and has less of a “chubby little baby face.” Women, as well as men, who wish to improve the projection of their chins actually have several cosmetic options. Though Palin said she chose surgery for medical reasons, the aesthetic improvements that can be made include permanent chin implants as well as more temporary options like fillers. By augmenting the shape and projection of the chin, your facial features can be streamlined and harmony between your chin and other prominent facial features can be improved. Chin augmentation with an implant can add projection to an underdeveloped chin. In this procedure, an alloplastic implant is placed in front of the jaw through an incision under the chin or inside the mouth. For patients whose chin is only slightly underdeveloped, a dermal filler may be used to fill out its shape, though this is only a temporary solution. In addition to these procedures to augment the chin, your other facial features can be modified surgically to improve facial harmony. These procedures may include lip augmentation or rhinoplasty, to reshape the nose. Additionally, neck liposuction may create a more refined jawline and chin.

Liposuction After Effects Examined in New Study

liposuction denverA recent study published in Obesity by the University of Colorado called into question the effectiveness of liposuction and has piqued the interest of plastic surgeons and patients alike. The writers of the study said they found that after patients had undergone liposuction on their lower body, the fat returned a year later in their upper body. The researchers said they found that the body “defends” its fat stores in this way. While this may be somewhat disheartening news for some, others like Grand Rapids plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Ringler are skeptical. Dr. Ringler said on his blog that he has performed traditional and newer technology forms of liposuction for two decades and has not seen the same result. “Once fat cells are removed via liposuction, they do not return. They are permanently destroyed,” Ringler said regarding patients who are not overweight and undergo liposuction. “If the patient does not gain weight, they usually are extremely happy with their results and the area of fat does not automatically show up in some other area of the body as the study suggested.” Ringler stressed that liposuction is not a weight loss solution and concedes that in overweight patients, where a healthy diet and exercise are not adhered to after treatment, the results of liposuction may not be long lasting. Ringler reminds patients of the importance of consulting with your plastic surgeon to ensure a procedure is right for you. “Proper patient selection and communication about what liposuction can and cannot accomplish are the best tools to ensure patients are satisfied with their results,” Ringler said.

Four Common Liposuction Myths Debunked

Maintaining realistic expectations is important when considering liposuction, so it is also therefore necessary to separate fiction from fact. Here are four common liposuction myths that frequently confuse and frustrate patients.

Myth: Liposuction is for Weight Loss

Fact: Liposuction does not actually help with weight loss and will not cause a noticeable reduction in weight. Liposuction is also not an effective way to combat obesity. Obese patients are typically not good candidates for the procedure, as health problems caused by obesity can make elective surgery too risky. Liposuction is best for patients who have a healthy weight and lifestyle, but simply want to improve body proportions or get rid of stubborn fat deposits in specific body areas.

Myth: Liposuction Removes Cellulite

Fact: Liposuction removes fat in deeper tissue layers, but doesn’t affect superficial fat deposits which, in combination with loss of skin elasticity, cause cellulite. Laser treatments and non-surgical skin tightening procedures may be able to provide temporary cellulite reduction, but the best way to get rid of cellulite is with lifestyle changes that help you maintain well hydrated, collagen rich skin.

Myth: There are Non-Surgical Liposuction Options

Fact: Liposuction is a surgical procedure. There are some body slimming devices out there that claim to provide fat reduction without surgery, however these are often only mildly effective, if at all, and will not provide the same results. Although liposuction is minimally invasive, it does still involve some sort of anesthesia and incisions needed to insert the suction tube, or cannula, that removes fat cells. So, very small, discreet liposuction scars will be present after the procedure, and patients will need to take at least a few days off work following liposuction.

Myth: Liposuction Can Also Treat Loose Skin

Fact: Liposuction is not an effective skin tightening treatment and cannot get rid of loose skin. However, liposuction is frequently performed in combination with procedures that address flab and excess skin such as a tummy tuck or arm lift surgery. Some laser liposuction devices claim to offer skin tightening benefits in addition to fat reduction, but any skin tightening achieved with lasers during liposuction is usually minimal and will not do much for patients with moderate to severe skin laxity.

Hand Transplant Restores Function for California Woman

denver hand surgery scar revision

Photo by Francine Orr, courtesy the Los Angeles Times

Surgeons are often regarded as giving a helping hand to reconstructive patients. For Emily, a 26-year-old Californian who recently underwent a hand transplant, according to the Los Angeles Times, this could not be more true. This process, in some ways is a much more advanced version of hand surgery, which aims to correct hands and fingers that have suffered trauma or a birth defect. Following hand surgery, patients often experience not only increased mobility, but also improved aesthetic appearance, both of which can positively affect many aspects of their lives. Though Emily is only expected to gain about 60% of the mobility of a normal hand, her spirits seem up near 100%. “About a week after the accident, my mom said, ‘You can be the kind of person who says ‘Woe is me’ and gives up, or you can say, ‘This sucks, but I’m moving on.’ I chose that one,” Emily said of her attitude. Unlike what one might expect, Emily’s new donor hand, which her physical therapists are working to get Emily to recognize as her own, is not attached with a circular scar around her wrist. Rather, it is attached using a scar that extends partway down her forearm and then back up to the wrist. Much like techniques that plastic surgeons use for scar revision, this asymmetrical scar greatly improves mobility. Despite being early in her journey toward gaining more everyday use of her hand, Emily is pushing forward, maintaining her drive. “The minute you tell me I can’t do something, I do it,” Emily said.
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