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New Tummy Tuck Suture Technique Eliminates Need for Surgical Drains

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New Tummy Tuck Suture Technique Eliminates Need for Surgical Drains

denver abdominoplasty drain freeTummy tucks may now be performed to heal without drains, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch. A surgical team made up of a father and son pioneered this technique, which may diminish scarring as well. Reported in the August edition of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, an in-depth study of this technique is the largest of its kind involving the use of this specific type of surgical suture. Benefits of this particular suture technique for tummy tuck patients include elimination of drains, faster recoveries, lowered overall cost and improved long-term scarring.

Abdominoplasty Suture Technique Eliminates Drains, Reduces Scarring

The innovative suturing technique, which is known as progressive tension sutures, or PTS, was originally developed by a father/son team of surgical specialists. The surgeons, Harlan Pollock, M.D. and Todd A. Pollock, M.D., both serve on the medical staff at the Texas Institute of Surgery. “Our technique sews the tissue back together, closing the space, and leaving no room for fluid to accumulate,” says Dr. Todd Pollock. “More importantly, progressive tension sutures (PTS) hold tissue together with abdominal movement during the healing process.” In a typical tummy tuck procedure, patients may require as many as two or three drains to ensure that the fluid can be easily removed from the healing area. These drains are often required for several weeks, and can serve as a hindrance, eyesore, and possible cause of infection. This technique has been called the greatest tummy tuck advance in the past few decades. In use by the surgical team for several years, the study involved information on the use of the suture technique in 597 consecutive cases, performed by the surgeons who developed the procedure and authored the study. Additional research may be necessary to determine how useful this technique may be for body contouring procedures in other areas of the body, such as arm lifts, body lifts, thigh lifts or breast lifts.
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