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Extended Abdominoplasty Chosen by Major Weight Loss Patients

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Extended Abdominoplasty Chosen by Major Weight Loss Patients

abdominoplasty extended denver weightFor patients who have lost significant amounts of weight, tummy tuck procedure may provide smoothing results. Following the procedure, excess fat deposits and inelastic skin may be removed, which are often hard to eliminate through diet and exercise. For many patients, the standard tummy tuck procedure with a hip-to-hip incision will be sufficient to smooth their midsection and accent the results of their successful weight loss. However, for some cases, particularly those who have lost more weight, the tummy tuck procedure may be customized with a belt lipectomy to provide a greater reduction of excess skin and fat deposits, according to the popular and trusted plastic surgery website

Extended Tummy Tuck or Belt Lipectomy for Patients with Significant Weight Loss

The traditional tummy tuck procedure involves an incision made across the front of the stomach from hip to hip, generally underneath the bathing suit line. Excess fat, skin and tissue are removed and the muscles are secured. The skin is pulled down for a smoother appearance. In some cases, the navel is repositioned. For patients with more significant weight loss, another incision may be made vertically up the center of the stomach, in order to remove additional skin. This is less common, as the resulting incision line is more visible. For major weight loss patients, the horizontal incision does not stop at the hips, but wraps all the way around the body. The procedure is expanded to treat the back and sides in the same manner as a traditional tummy tuck. An entire belt of fat, skin and tissue is removed, resulting in the “belt lipectomy” procedure name. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, additional procedures that may be incorporated for patients with major weight loss include an arm lift, breast lift and thigh lift.
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