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Here’s Why You Should Get Breast Augmentation in Winter

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Here’s Why You Should Get Breast Augmentation in Winter

Having the perfect breast augmentation starts with your planning. If you aren’t thinking ahead or your timing is poor, complications of all types can arise. To give yourself the best experience and greatest success with your breast augmentation surgery, plan now to get it done this winter. Here’s why:

Reason #1: Enjoy Your Results This Summer

When implants are inserted into the breasts, it takes several months for the body to adjust. The implants will eventually “settle” into their final resting position, but before this occurs, they may appear to sit high on the chest wall. You can easily disguise this with appropriate winter fashion choices so that no one around you is the wiser. By the time summer arrives, your curves will look more natural. You’ll be able to appreciate your final results and show off your new figure with confidence.

Reason #2: Take Advantage of the Cold

Cold weather is perfect for breast augmentation recovery. Lower temperatures can help you remain comfortable during recovery so that you do not have to deal with heat-induced sweating, chafing, or itching. Warm, loose clothing can disguise temporary swelling and provide protection for your surgical scars. You’ll also be less tempted to go out and about during recovery due to the wintry weather.

Reason #3: You Can Reduce Scarring

Surgical scars are unavoidable, but you can reduce their visual impact by limiting sun exposure. This is much easier to do during the short winter days when the sun is low in the sky and the weather encourages bundling up. When summer eventually arrives, your scars will have had several months to heal already and will be less likely to darken with ultraviolet exposure.

Reason #4: You Have More Time Off

Time off is essential for breast augmentation surgery recovery. During the holidays, paid time off and work closures may make it easier to schedule breast augmentation without inconveniencing your work schedule. After the holiday bustle, work often calms down so that it is easier to take some time off. And if you plan your procedure right around one of the major winter holidays, no one will think twice about you taking a week or two off.

Reason #5: Staying Inside is Easier

The great outdoors is less inviting during a cold, wet, and snowy winter than during a warm and sunny summer. It’s much harder to lie low when the sun is beckoning you to go camping, running, fishing, or participate in other similar activities. It is important to avoid strenuous physical activities not just during your initial recovery but for several weeks afterward, which means you may end up spending a lot of time on your couch. But being cooped up at home isn’t half so bad when everyone else is, too! Come spring, you’ll be able to jump back into your favorite outdoor activity without anything holding you back.

Reason #6: You Have More Time to Plan

Many breast augmentation candidates start thinking about getting their procedure during springtime because swimsuit season is soon to come. As a result, your preferred plastic surgeon could have a jam-packed surgery schedule that may not be able to accommodate you. By thinking ahead and planning your procedure during the winter, you can avoid the spring scheduling rush and plan it around your own schedule rather than your surgeon’s limited availability.

When preparing for your breast enhancement, plan your procedure during the winter so that you can have the best surgery experience. Schedule your consultation today to take advantage of the benefits of plastic surgery in the winter.

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