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Which Breast Augmentation Incision is the Best?

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Which Breast Augmentation Incision is the Best?

For your breast enhancement procedure, your surgeon will carefully construct only the smallest incisions required to insert your implants. These inconspicuously placed incisions are a necessary part of the surgery and are a small price to pay for the beautiful breast augmentation results you can expect. There are three common breast augmentation incision techniques, any of which could be the best approach for you depending on your needs and preferences. For most women, the inframammary incision will likely be the best choice overall.


The Periareolar Incision

The periareolar incision for breast augmentation places small incisions along the border of the areolas (the darker colored skin surrounding the nipples). This incision placement blends naturally with the darker edge of the areolas, which makes any subsequent scarring less noticeable. However, there are limitations. For example, for a woman who selects larger implants or silicone implants, the procedure may not be possible with the periareolar incision. Additionally, this incision is associated with an increased risk of nipple sensation loss and could possibly affect future breastfeeding. Therefore, the periareolar incision is usually best for women who are not considering future breastfeeding, have larger areolas, choose saline or modestly sized implants, and/or prefer to minimize scarring.

The Transaxillary Incision

The transaxillary incision for breast augmentation hides the incisions in the folds of the underarms. The surgeon inserts the implants through these underarm incisions and endoscopically guides them to the breasts. The main advantage of this technique is that there is no scarring on the breasts themselves. However, this technique is relatively uncommon and, like the periareolar incision, limits the type of implants that may be inserted. While there is no risk of nipple sensation loss, other risks are slightly elevated. On the other hand, for women who are prone to prominent scar development, the lack of scarring on the breasts may make this technique more appealing.

The Inframammary Incision

The inframammary incision for breast augmentation places the incisions underneath the breasts along the breast crease, within the natural tissue fold. This is the most frequently used approach and is arguably the best technique for most patients. The inframammary incision location makes any scarring fairly unnoticeable, and proactive efforts to reduce scar tissue can minimize scarring even further. This incision technique has no limitations on implant size or style and typically leads to the most predictable results. It also provides the best visualization for the surgeon, and it is associated with the lowest surgical risks.

When you come in for your breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Mouchantat will discuss the various breast augmentation incision options with you in detail. He will help you come to a decision about which incision technique is best for you based on your needs and aesthetic goals.

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