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Mommy Makeover Denver Procedures that Can Transform Your Figure

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Mommy Makeover Denver Procedures that Can Transform Your Figure

Mommy Makeover Denver CO
Are you ready to do something good for yourself after the baby? If you’ve been working off those pregnancy pounds and are dissatisfied with your appearance, consider undergoing a mommy makeover. Dr. Mouchantat offers several procedures that can address many of the problems new moms deal with even months after giving birth. Whether you’re self-conscious about sagging breasts or a flabby midsection, Dr. Mouchantat can put together a customized treatment plan to reshape your figure. These mommy makeover procedures could be just what you need to transform your look:

Breast Augmentation

Breast implants combined with a breast lift can reshape and contour your upper body to restore a youthful silhouette. Many new moms find that their breasts begin to sag and droop after pregnancy and you may find it difficult to wear the styles of clothing you once enjoyed. Dr. Mouchantat can recommend an implant size that will enhance your silhouette and may combine breast augmentation with a breast lift to restore a youthful, perkier appearance.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is a popular procedure for many moms because it can restore the abdominal wall and tighten up the midsection. If you are concerned about the tummy ‘pooch’ or a protruding stomach that was left behind after pregnancy, tummy tuck surgery can give you a flat and toned stomach. The procedure involves removing excess skin and manipulating the stomach muscles to create a flat and streamlined appearance. Unless you have very good skin elasticity and your abdominal muscles were not damaged during pregnancy, you won’t be able to get these types of results with diet and exercise alone.


You may have gained — and worked off — a few extra pounds during pregnancy, but there may be a few problem areas that are not responding fully to diet and exercise. For many women, the outer thighs, waist, and back accumulate extra fat that is very difficult to lose after pregnancy; liposuction can help. Dr. Mouchantat can perform liposuction to eliminate stubborn fatty deposits completely to contour the body. If you’re ready to say goodbye to those extra bulges for good, consider adding liposuction to your mommy makeover Denver package. Ready for your transformation? Schedule your mommy makeover consultation with Dr. Mouchantat today!
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Dr. Mouchantat has been performing plastic surgery procedures in the Denver area since 1996. Some of these procedures include abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, liposuction, face lifts and eyelid surgery. Dr. Mouchantat is experienced in fat grafting techniques as well. Some procedures can be done comfortably in the office under local anesthesia, while others are done in an accredited outpatient surgical facility or hospital setting.

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