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Breast Augmentation Essentials: What Size Implants Do I Need?

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Breast Augmentation Essentials: What Size Implants Do I Need?

One of the most important decisions you make when planning your breast augmentation is the size of your implants. The ideal breast implant size for you will depend on your anatomy, your preferences, and a few other relevant implant characteristics.

Implant Size is NOT Breast Size

Many women are surprised to discover that breast implants are not measured in the same way as breasts. Breast size is measured by inches, while implant size is measured by volume. Therefore, while telling your doctor that you want C cup breasts is certainly helpful, it does not indicate the precise implant size you will need.

Measuring Implant Sizes

The volume of breast implants is measured as cubic centimeters (cc’s). The number of cc’s is the amount of saline or silicone inside each implant. However, two implants with the same number of cc’s will not look the same if they do not share all other relevant characteristics.

For example, consider breast implant profiles. Implants with a high profile have a narrow base and high projection outward from the chest wall. Implants with a low profile have a wide base and limited projection outward from the chest wall. Therefore, if a high-profile implant and a low-profile implant with the same volume of cc’s are placed next to each other, they will look very different. To the average viewer, they may appear to be completely different sizes even though they have the same volume and are technically the same size implants.

As another example, consider breast implant placement. Implants that are placed over the chest muscle create a slightly different appearance than implants that are placed under the chest muscle. Failing to consider this could result in a perceived different breast size than you intended. Implant placement and profile must both be factored in when deciding on your breast implant size.

Implant Size and Breast Anatomy

Even more important when determining your breast implant size is knowing your anatomy. How wide is your chest wall? How close are your breasts to each other? How small is your natural breast tissue? How is the quality of your breast skin? All of these will play a part.

For instance, if your chest wall is wide, and your breasts are set far apart from each other, you will likely need low profile implants in order to maintain a natural appearance. Because low profile implants have a wider base and limited forward projection, a higher volume (larger implant size) may be necessary to achieve your desired breast enhancement. 

Or, if your breasts are naturally quite small and your breast skin is thin, you may need under-the-muscle implant placement combined with moderate to high profile implants of a lower volume. This combination of factors may be able to create beautiful and natural-looking enhancement.

Implant Size and Personal Preference

Lastly, your personal preferences are essential. Do you want subtle or bold results? Do you want rounder breasts, or just larger breasts? Do you want a lifted appearance? More cleavage? Consider every option you can, and prioritize what is most important to you for your breast augmentation results.

While your surgeon will make expert recommendations for you, it is important that you know and are open about what you want. As you discuss your preferences with your surgeon, your surgeon will know how to best help you realize your goals. This is the key to achieving the ideal breast size after breast augmentation.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Mouchantat is highly experienced in helping women achieve their desired results with breast augmentation. To request your consultation with Dr. Mouchantat, call (303) 232-8585 or contact us online today.

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