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The Tummy Tuck Trifecta

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The Tummy Tuck Trifecta

“Muffin top”, “belly pooch”, “beer belly”, and “spare tire” are just a few of the less-affectionate terms people use to describe their abdomens. The waistline may be the universal trouble area when it comes to body contouring. Fortunately, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery) can correct not just one, not two, but three major tummy troubles. The “tummy tuck trifecta” can transform a muffin top or spare tire into a lean, firm, and flat abdomen.


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1. Get Rid of Excess Skin

Your skin is an incredible organ. It’s a protective layer for the vital organs inside you, and it can stretch or contract as you grow. Still, it has its limits. Pregnancy as well as major weight gain can cause the abdominal skin to overstretch. After childbirth or weight loss, the body is left with sagging skin riddled with stretch marks. Aging is also no friend to the skin: as it weakens over time, gravity’s effects slowly pull the skin downward.

Excess abdominal skin due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging does not have to be a permanent aspect of your body. With tummy tuck surgery, you can get rid of excess skin. During abdominoplasty, your surgeon will trim away loose skin from the lower belly and pull your remaining skin taut. Not only will this eliminate hanging skin and many stretch marks, it will also give you a flatter and smoother abdominal contour.

2. Tighten Abdominal Muscles

Your abdominal muscles play a leading role in your core strength and form. The abdominal muscle wall holds you and your internal organs in place. However, pregnancy and excess/rapid weight gain can both tax the muscle wall beyond its ability to handle. In many individuals, they can lead to muscle wall separation (diastasis recti). This results in a constantly pooching belly that no number of abdominal crunches can fix.

The only solution for separated abdominal muscles is a tummy tuck. In fact, correcting this issue is the surgery’s primary focus. Your surgeon will surgically mend your abdominal muscles, sewing them back together so that your stomach can once again stay flat. After surgery and recovery, your abdomen will feel firmer and tighter, and your core will be stronger and steadier.

3. Trim Away Stubborn Belly Fat

Belly fat is a necessary natural insulation for your body. Even the thinnest model figure has a layer of protective fat between the skin and internal organs. However, the lower abdominal area is especially prone to excess fat development. The typical modern diet only makes this worse, as many foods are filled with ingredients that lead to a buildup of stubborn belly fat. As belly fat accumulates, it becomes more and more difficult to eliminate.

During tummy tuck surgery, your surgeon will address belly fat as the third and final point of the trifecta. Using liposuction techniques, the surgeon will permanently extract excess fat from the abdominal area to recreate a slimmer and more figure-flattering waistline. After muscle tightening and loose skin elimination, fat removal is like the cherry on top that perfects the end result.

Tummy tuck surgery’s three-fold benefits are yours for the taking. To get started today, call board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Mouchantat at (303) 232-8585 or request your consultation online.

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