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Try the CoolSculpting Fat-Reducing Treatment to Get in Beach-Ready Shape

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Try the CoolSculpting Fat-Reducing Treatment to Get in Beach-Ready Shape

Try the CoolSculpting Fat-Reducing Treatment to Get in Beach-Ready Shape
Beach season is right around the corner, which means everyone upping their gym routine and eating as healthy as possible. However, even with the most rigorous fitness routine, some men and women are simply unable to reach their goal figures. If you’re already at a healthy weight and struggling to lose a few stubborn inches, let us help you get your ideal figure with a non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Dr. Mouchantat performs the CoolSculpting procedure at our Denver practice, an innovative treatment that can get rid of unwanted fat permanently without surgery. CoolSculpting was voted the ‘hottest choice’ by a panel of experts, editors, and readers at New Beauty magazine this past year and also won the “Best Fat-Reducing Treatment” award as part of the magazine’s annual Beauty Choice Awards. A single CoolSculpting treatment could be all you need to lose those stubborn inches for good and look great in a bathing suit this upcoming swimsuit season.

Get in Beach-Ready Shape with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a great solution for patients who want to slim down by just a few inches and target problem areas such as the upper thighs or love handles. Dr. Mouchantat uses a specially designed handheld CoolSculpting device to deliver the cooling treatment to the target area. The process, known as cryolipolysis, freezes the fat cells to the point of crystallization so they are naturally eliminated from your body. The procedure only takes about an hour and is relatively painless — in fact, many patients can use their laptop, read a book, or just relax during the treatment. You are free to return to your regular activities after your session and will see gradual results over the next few weeks. This means that undergoing a CoolSculpting procedure now can help you slim down and shape up just in time for bikini season.

Why CoolSculpting is Different

Unlike other body contouring procedures, there are no incisions needed with CoolSculpting. It is a non-invasive treatment that treats the fat cells deep within the skin. The body will eliminate the fat cells naturally over several weeks after your treatment, so you will start to see those inches disappear without any effort. In a recent press release, Mark Foley, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZELTIQ—the manufacture of CoolSculpting—states, “It is easy to become frustrated and lose motivation when stubborn fat does not go away despite a healthy lifestyle. This recognition will hopefully encourage more women to choose the CoolSculpting procedure to eliminate their stubborn fat for good, knowing that our technology has been selected as the best by a trusted source like NewBeauty and its readers.” Let us help you get in beach-ready shape without surgery! Learn more about CoolSculpting in Denver by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Mouchantat today!
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