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ABC News Reports Massive Increase In Afghanistan Cosmetic Surgery

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ABC News Reports Massive Increase In Afghanistan Cosmetic Surgery

denver facial surgical proceduresMore Afghans are traveling internationally then every before, and this has had a noticeable effect on the country’s attitude toward plastic surgery. As a result of this increasingly open attitude, both men and women are choosing to have cosmetic surgery in rapidly increasing numbers. As recently reported by ABC News, plastic surgery in this region has undergone a dramatic transformation, turning an industry that once handled only trauma and reconstructive work into one that is more in step with the global trends of cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgeons in Afghanistan Now Performing Breast Enhancement, Nose Jobs and Face Lifts

According to Dr. Aminullah Hamkar, a Kabul plastic surgeon, his practice has seen a major change in the last few years, as various influence impact the way people interact. “Ten years ago it was all about repairing scars,” he said. “When I sometimes ask the young people who come here why they want cosmetic operations, they simply say they want to look better and beautiful.” This is a development of both commercial and emotional importance, as many consider such beauty concerns a sign that Afghanistan is entering a time of peace. In addition, this means that fewer patients are seeking cosmetic surgery as a result of war damage or other attacks. Previously, many plastic surgery patients were seeking help for the damage done by acid or knife attacks, as well as many other forms of trauma. Surgeries that have been disproportionately popular in Afghanistan are breast augmentation, face lifts, liposuction and rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, likely as a result of influence from outside cultures. In Dr. Harnkar’s opinion, “Many people’s perceptions of life and sex change upon their return from a trip to a less conservative place.” Photo by ind{yeah} on Flickr. « Previous PageNext Page »

World-Class Surgeons Provide Free Plastic Surgery for Veterans

houston texas military surgeryThe highly successful Operation Mend, a joint military/civilian program, has been able to provide more than 50 veterans with free cosmetic surgeries since 2007. The program is been growing in scope and popularity since its beginning. To provide the best care possible, the program uses world-class surgeons who lead their fields in scar treatments, skin treatments, burn reconstruction, body contouring and facial plastic surgery. This allows the veterans to receive levels of care they would be unable to afford otherwise and that would not be covered by standard insurance.

Burn Repair and Cosmetic Surgery for Wounded US Military

According to a recent story in the Dallas News, this program is gaining more public support and donations, with the hope of being able to reach more veterans each year. Originally founded by Ron Katz and his late wife Maddie, Operation Mend has developed beyond the original structure. Successful on a number of levels, the results achieved through the Operation Mend program have given soldiers improved health and self-confidence. The surgeries have included scar repair, burn treatments and reconstruction of facial traumas to the ears, nose and mouth. Other secondary benefits have included improved mental conditions such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. One soldier who has benefited from the program is 26-year old Joey Paulk, who says he was very self-conscious of his appearance after nearly burning to death in 2007. In his words: “I wasn’t very happy with the way I looked.” Yet three recent surgeries with Operation Mend have changed all that, greatly improving his self confidence. “It’s helped my friends and family, too,” Paulk says. “Because I’m happy, they’re happy.” With dramatic success stories like this for veterans of both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the program has been widely successful, despite the surprisingly high cost of the surgeries. According to Katz, many of the surgeries cost upwards of $500,000. One of the key sponsors for the Operation Mend program, billionaire T. Boone Pickens, has long supported the program, as he says he is committed to helping wounded veterans. In his words, “We want to do our best for these men and women when they come home.” Photo by U.S. Army on Flickr. « Previous PageNext Page »

Internationally Renowned Supermodel Tyra Banks Supports Plastic Surgery

denver tyra banks aestheticsWomen around the world have been empowered by Tyra Banks, as supermodel who believes in self-confidence for women. Host of the popular and long-running “America’s Next Top Model,” Banks recently stated in an Enstarz article that she is in favor of plastic surgery. Banks expressed frustration with those in her profession who look down on plastic surgery. “What’re you talking about? You won the genetic lottery,” she stated, in comments directed at cosmetic surgery naysayers in a recent interview. “You look like this specimen that’s making people everywhere feel insecure and you’re going to ridicule someone for getting plastic surgery?”

Tyra Banks Calls Cosmetic Surgery “Absolutely Fantastic”

In Banks’ opinion, some people have been more lucky than others in the genetic lottery, and it’s “not fair” that they be helpless in living with the things they don’t like. She considers herself one of the lucky ones, but knows that aging affects everyone: “Black people and Asian people have similar (strong) skin… But if one day I have wrinkles and I don’t like it… maybe… a little Botox, fillers?” Banks has long been a proponent of women and models having a realistic beauty, and in dealing with the discussion of beauty in an honest and open fashion. She believes in support models on her show that have unconventionally attractive features and great self confidence in their bodies, regardless of shape and traditional ideas of beauty. She is also famous for being open about her own body, discussing cellulite issues and other physical issues with her many fans through social media. A recent Instagram photo she released revealed a self-consciousness about the size of her forehead, for example. Banks believes in empowering women to do what it takes to have high self-confidence in themselves and their bodies. It would seem that having plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, fillers and facelifts to correct personal issues would fall under this greater goal. Photo used under Creative Commons license from Wikipedia « Previous PageNext Page »

How Many Years Does a Facelift Take From Your Face?

facelift, facial rejuvenation surgery, seven years younger, youthful look with facelift surgeryQuestions of beauty and appearance are often subjective, and it can often be difficult to attach a number to something as elusive as cosmetic enhancement. However, a recent effort headed by University of Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Nitin Chauhan provided some promising results, which have been published in the latest issue of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. It seems that patients undergoing facial surgery can appear about 7 years younger on average. The new study began with the recruitment of 40 first-year medical students, who were asked to look at a collection of photographs. These were before-and-after pictures, separated and scrambled, of patients who had undergone different facial rejuvenation surgeries at Dr. Chauhan’s clinic: 54 women and 6 men, aged 45 to 72. The medical students were asked to estimate the age of the person in each photo. On average, the study found that patients who had undergone facial surgery appeared 7.2 years younger than their before photo. Since after photos are normally taken months or even years after the surgery, this actually meant that the average age that the students assigned to the after photos was about 9 years lower than the patients’ age when the photos were taken. Not surprisingly, the study found that multiple procedures resulted in significantly better results, shaving further years off patients’ faces. Patients who underwent facelift and neck lift surgeries looked 5.7 years younger, while additional eyelid surgery removed almost two more years, and a forehead lift took roughly another year from the face. People who had all four surgeries – facelift, neck lift, blepharoplasty, and forehead lift – appeared a full 8.4 years younger than their before photos. Dr. Chauhan hopes to use these results as an objective measure that can be used to manage patient expectations. “Nothing we do is magical,” he told contributor Matt McMillen. “We do certainly get 60-year-old patients who want to look 40, and this will help us when we discuss expectations.” « Previous PageNext Page »

Maintenance Facelifts Create Longest-Lasting Results for Patients Under 50

For middle-aged and older patients, facelifts often represent the best opportunity for recapturing a look of youth and vitality. For patients younger than 50, however, facial rejuvenation surgery often goes unconsidered. That may soon change, based on the results of a new study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which reveals that younger patients typically reap the best results from what’s being called “maintenance facelifts.” Earlier studies have already revealed that patients who underwent facelifts at 50 years or older had lower satisfaction scores than their younger counterparts. This is because the skin of patients older than 50 usually shows signs of aging, such as discoloration or uneven texture, that can’t be corrected with facial rejuvenation surgery. Younger patients tend to favor non-surgical procedures, such as Botox, facial fillers, or dermabrasion, which provide excellent results but don’t last as long as facelifts. The new study compared short-term and long-term patient satisfaction ratings with expert analyses of their follow-up photographs. Participants were divided into three age groups: under 50, 50-60, and 60+ at the time of the surgery. Facelift patients younger than 50 experienced a “remarkable maintenance of their youthful appearance,” according to the study. The oldest group, however, had satisfaction scores and expert ratings were lower than the youngest group. This was because they had significant signs of aging at the time of the surgery. While the facelift managed to reverse most of these signs, so that the 60+ patients looked younger than their peers, some indications of aging remaining. Not surprisingly, the intermediate group experienced intermediate results. The researchers concluded that patients under 50 were especially well-suited to receive facial rejuvenation surgery: “A ‘maintenance’ facelift should be offered to and even preferred in younger patients as a surgical option for facial rejuvenation.” Younger patients who fight the signs of aging with cosmetic fillers or Botox may want to consider a facelift as a longer-term solution. It may be one of the most satisfying cosmetic procedures that they ever receive. « Previous PageNext Page »

Reversing Stretched Earlobes and Other Body Modifications

An example of earlobes that have been stretched out by specialized ear piercings.Tattoos that need to be removed upon later reflection are nothing new. In the twilight of the punk age, however, more unusual modifications have begun appearing in plastic surgeons’ offices. Many younger clients are seeking to reverse generational fashion statements that seem regrettable in hindsight. Justin Berton, a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, interviewed one such individual. 21-year-old Oakland resident Colton Tidwell (not the person pictured to the right), had his ears modified with disc earrings to the extent that he “could fit a golf ball through the hole in his earlobe.” This remnant of his teenage years caused problems later in life:
“I went a little too far with it… My body had become a bumper sticker… It bothered me that people could take one look at me and think they knew what I liked or didn’t like.”
Tidwell often found himself tucking his drooping earlobes under a baseball cap in order to avoid embarrassment. After having the surgery, which took 30 minutes, he was able to get a new job at a bank, and was happy that his ears had been fixed.

Body Modification Reversal: A Growing Niche

Some plastic surgeons have emerged as niche experts in body modification reversal. Dr. David Kahn, a plastic surgeon in San Francisco who repaired Tidwell’s ears, has worked on half a dozen stretched earlobes over the last two years. Dr. Haresh Yalamanchili, a plastic surgeon in Houston, has performed at least 14 and has become notorious as “the guy who does ears.” To fix a stretched earlobe, surgeons typically make tiny incisions to release the hanging portion. Then they repair the ear’s surface to make it look natural. Videos of the procedure can be seen on YouTube, although these are not for the faint of heart. “I don’t regret doing it,” Tidwell told the Chronicle about the stretching. “And I don’t regret fixing it, either. You learn something from all of it. It put it in perspective for me: Whatever you do, especially if it’s to your own body, it really matters.” (Picture source: Wikimedia Commons, Х Рулон Х Обоев Х) « Previous PageNext Page »

Double Chin Treatment: Neck Contouring

Though exercise may not correct a double chin, many patients are choosing neck liposuction as a treatment, according to ABC News. The double chin treatment can be completed in a relatively short amount of time, usually in under an hour, and can be done without the need for a general anesthetic. By inserting a thin tube called a cannula, your plastic surgeon is able to use delicate liposculpture techniques to tone the lower face, minimizing the look of a double chin. Patients who choose neck liposuction as a double chin treatment should have adequate skin elasticity, however, to ensure a toned result. If you lack skin elasticity, a neck lift, combined with liposculpture may be more appropriate. After undergoing her successful neck liposculpture treatment, Terry says she likes the look of her face. While before she complained of a “long, sort of fat part” her jawline is now more defined. A more clearly defined jaw can help a patient’s face appear thinner. As long as patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise, the results from neck liposculpture as a double chin treatment can be long lasting. If you would like to learn more about facial rejuvenation surgery in Denver, please email or call plastic surgeon Dr. Mouchantat. « Previous PageNext Page »

UK Plastic Surgery Tax to Be Implemented?

plastic surgery taxUK plastic surgeons are worried that a new tax on plastic surgery could have a negative impact, according to WebMD. Currently in the UK, a plastic surgery tax only exists on non-surgical treatments like Botox, fillers and laser treatments, a fact that plastic surgeons take no issue with. (In the UK, a VAT tax  or “Value Added Tax” is somewhat similar to sales tax in the US in that consumers must pay it on top of the price for a good or elective service.) Lawmakers in the UK, though, may soon examining whether a plastic surgery tax should apply to elective cosmetic surgeries, like breast augmentation. In the US, patients already pay sales tax on elective plastic surgeries, but not medically-necessary procedures, which are often billed through insurance. Some plastic surgeons in the UK are beginning to speak out against a possible review in the application of VAT, which may cause patients to have to pay a plastic surgery tax when they previously did not need to. Current laws regarding VAT tax stipulate that procedures are tax exempt when the “protection, maintenance or restoration” of health is the main goal. A handful of plastic surgeons argue that changing any of these tax laws could put many patient’s surgical desires in a gray area. Former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Dr. Douglas McGeorge says the common image of plastic surgery is mega-celebrities casually undergoing elective procedures. Rather, he argues, it is members of the general public who choose plastic surgery to improve small aspects of themselves for a positive result. McGeorge uses the image of an older worker undergoing facial rejuvenation to help make themselves more competitive in the workplace. He sees the difficulty in distinguishing between what is a functional improvement and what is purely cosmetic. In response to the worry of some plastic surgeons regarding a new plastic surgery tax, the UK government says they currently have no plans to revise the VAT for cosmetic surgeries. “Medical treatment for purely aesthetic reasons has been, and continues to be, liable to VAT at the standard rate,” it said in a statement. To learn more about options for financing your plastic surgery in Denver, please contact plastic surgeon Dr. Mouchantat. « Previous PageNext Page »

Patient Sees Cosmetic Benefits from Functional Blepharoplasty

fuctional blepharoplastyThough some procedures may seem purely cosmetic, some patients can gain functional benefits from plastic surgery, too, according to When 74-year-old Mary Lou began experiencing vision issues from droopy eyelids, her daughter suggested seeing a plastic surgeon for a functional blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a facial procedure in which excess skin is removed from around the eyes to open them up. While it can be cosmetic, for patients like Mary Lou who experience vision issues, it can also improve function. When she first thought about plastic surgery, Mary Lou was apprehensive about any procedure. She says she always thought she would age gracefully. But after some gentle encouragement from her daughter, she realized the benefits she would gain from functional blepharoplasty were too great to pass up. In her consultation with her plastic surgeon, Mary Lou learned that the cost of her functional blepharoplasty would be covered by Medicare since it was deemed medically necessary. During her consultation, Mary Lou also decided to undergo a laser procedure to improve the look of puffiness under her eyes. This procedure is considered cosmetic, so Mary Lou paid out of pocket. After her successful functional blepharoplasty and laser eye treatment, people say Mary Lou looks 10 and sometimes 20 years younger, she shares. Mary Lou says this sort of procedure can help women look better and feel better about themselves. Mary Lou is not alone in choosing plastic surgery later in life. According to the ASPS, nearly 85,000 plastic surgery procedures were performed on patients over 65 in 2010, a number that continues to grow. And though some may worry that being older puts a patient at a higher risk for complications from surgery, research shows this to not be true. A report published last spring in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found patients over 65 were at no higher risk than younger patients. We encourage you to learn more about how plastic surgery options can improve your function, self-confidence and way of life. Please join the mailing list of Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Mouchantat. « Previous PageNext Page »

The Positive Side of "Revenge Surgery"

Post-divorce, many individuals may see “revenge surgery” as a way to get back at an ex, but one plastic surgeon told FOX News he sees surgery after divorce in a positive light. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Leo Lapuerta, women and even some men who are recently divorced are turning to plastic surgery to get a new lease on life. Often, he says, these individuals turn to plastic surgeons to help them improve the way they look and their confidence as they reenter the dating pool. Rather than using the term “revenge surgery,” Dr. Lapuerta says he sees patients who are motivated to improve themselves instead of getting back at their exes. Dr. Lapuerta says he would not operate on someone who was motivated to get “revenge surgery,” but says patients should be healthy and motivated for the right reasons. He adds that patients who are recently divorced may need a bit more time to think about the reasons for undergoing a major surgery. Dr. Lapuerta says he needs to ensure that his patients don’t rush into the surgery with the wrong mindset—he wants to understand each patient’s unique motivations. The most popular post-divorce procedures he performs for women include: Men most often look to improve the apparent age of their face and might undergo eyelid surgery or a neck or facelift. Dr. Lapeurta says that as a plastic surgeon, he sees many patients with improved self-confidence after a procedure and counts that as one of the perks of his job. To learn more about your options for plastic surgery after a divorce, we encourage you to contact the practice of Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Mouchantat. « Previous PageNext Page »

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