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Breast Reduction for Men

In addition to cosmetic breast surgery for women, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Mouchantat offers surgical techniques for male breast reduction, which is beneficial for men who struggle with excess tissue on their chests.

The benefits of undergoing a male breast reduction surgery include:

  • Removal of excess breast tissue
  • Decrease in the hypersensitivity of the chest
  • Improved fit of clothing and self-image

What Is Male Breast Reduction?

Excess breast tissue on men, also referred to as gynecomastia, is often thought to be brought on by hormone imbalances, but lifestyle may also play a role. This issue, which can be embarrassing for those who struggle with it, can occur in adolescents and adults and can be corrected through surgery.

The procedure uses skin and tissue tightening techniques as well as liposuction to streamline the male chest. In order to undergo this surgery, you should be a nonsmoker at a stable, healthy body weight.

During your plastic surgery consultation in Denver, Dr. Mouchantat will work with you to determine if the problem can be corrected through lifestyle changes rather than surgery. If it cannot, Dr. Mouchantat will help you understand the details of male breast reduction and perform your surgery.

The Male Breast Reduction Procedure: What to Expect in Surgery

For your male breast reduction surgery, you will be under general anesthesia for at least one hour, though, in some cases, a local anesthetic with sedation may be adequate. If you only struggle with excess glandular tissue, Dr. Mouchantat may be able to remove it using scalpel techniques alone, but glandular tissue combined with fatty tissue will necessitate a combination of skin and tissue tightening techniques, as well as fat removal with liposuction.

To begin, an incision will either be made around the nipple areola or in your underarm. Through the incision, the excess fatty tissue will be suctioned out in an effort to improve the contour of your chest. If you struggle with an excessive amount of tissue, your plastic surgeon may also have to remove skin to achieve an ideal result. After completing the removal, Dr. Mouchantat will close the incisions with sutures and cover them.

Male Breast Reduction Aftercare

Following your surgery, your chest will be wrapped. You may experience swelling, bruising and discomfort and may be prescribed medication to manage pain. You can return to work after approximately one week, but you should avoid exercise for up to three weeks. It will likely take up to three months for the swelling to completely subside before you can appreciate the final results of your surgery.

Learn More About Breast Reduction for Men

To learn more about achieving a more masculine chest through male breast reduction surgery with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Mouchantat, we encourage you to call his Denver plastic surgery practice to schedule a consultation. Service areas include: Denver, Lakewood, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Arvada, Parker, Aurora, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Thornton, Wheat Ridge, Ken Caryl, Boulder & Westminster Colorado.

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