Tummy Tuck Recovery Timelines

denver abdominoplasty recovery periodThe period following your tummy tuck procedure, which is known as the recovery time, is a crucial part of the surgical process. To ensure the best possible results, follow all of your physician’s instructions and get plenty of rest.

Due to the wide variation in the different approaches and required treatments with the tummy tuck procedure, each patient will experience a unique recovery period. This variation makes discussing your expected recovery period particularly important. You should also be periodically assessing your recovery progress throughout that time, according to the American Society for Plastic Surgeons website.

Unique Nature of Each Tummy Tuck Procedure Gives Personalized Recovery Period

Though there is a wide range of recovery timelines, plastic surgeons have developed general guidelines that represent the average patient experience. According to the surgeons who responded on the trusted plastic surgery website RealSelf.com, one of the best ways to segment these guidelines is based on when patients will be able to resume certain activities.

Patients may often be able to stand straight comfortably in 1-2 weeks, begin driving in two weeks, exercise lightly in about four weeks, and fully regain normal and comfortable levels of activity in eight weeks. Yet each patient heals in their own way, and by discussing these various stages of recovery in detail with your surgeon you will be able to best understand your own body’s response.

A less extensive version of this procedure is known as the Mini Tummy Tuck, and generally has a shorter recovery period, with levels of activity returning more quickly at each step along the recovery timeline. Other recovery treatments, such as the use of compression devices, may also improve recovery times. Other body contouring procedures performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck, such as liposuction, arm lifts or thigh lifts may add to the overall recovery period depending on the specific patient.

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